How To Find Ways To Serve In Your Community

Have you ever been in the situation where you desperately wanted to give back to your community, in one form or another, but could never find a suitable way, or just didn’t know where to start? We’ve all been there! We’ve compiled a list of ways for you to serve your community to get you started on your journey of self-happiness and activism!

1. Work At Your Local Events
Help tear down or set up for music gigs in your local coffee shop, or concerts and other activities such as community theatre or sports events. While it is true that professionals tend to hire actual workers to handle the screens, speakers, microphones and other sound equipment, volunteers can run cables and set up chairs and other things alike. Triathlons and other races usually need people to hand out bottles of water or to direct competitive racers in the right direction, so there is a lot of opportunities to be found there.

2. Drive For Other People
If you are old enough to drive and you have your own car, consider running groceries for a nursing home or driving someone to and from home. You can also make yourself useful by offering to drive someone to work or picking up (or dropping off) your neighbors kids from school.

3. Visit Those Who Need Company
This is something that can make your day, and the day of other people, especially the elderly. Visiting nursing homes is very important in our society, especially because of all of the insensitivity in today’s culture. We have parents and children that don’t talk to their respective parents or grandparents anymore, so you stopping by the community nursing home once every week or more could mean a lot to someone.

On the alternative side, the youth needs company as well! Acting as a tutor or mentor to the young people in your community is a precious thing. Do you like to widdle, weld, cook or play the banjo? Consider offering lessons on anything from those listed above all the way to greasing skateboard wheels or car maintenance. There is always room in a child’s mind for learning, and these are skills that may prove to be invaluable to them.

4. Help Outdoors
Of course, you will always want to ask permission before doing this, but this act is a great one too. Surprising your neighbor, coworker or friend by trimming their hedges, watering their plants or mowing their lawn be a great gift if they seem to be unable to do it themselves. It also encourages other people to do community service and is just a kind thing to do.

5. Give Food To The Needy
Everyone appreciates some good food, whether or not cooking is your forte. You can drop off a frozen meal, or ask them in person for a good time to bring over some fresh food. Alternatively, food kitchens and food drop-offs are great ways to give to those who need it in your community, especially during the colder seasons such as fall and winter. Here’s some more info on helping in your local soup kitchen.

6. Offer Your Skills
From accountants to musicians, carpenters to seamstresses, everyone has some skill that they can offer to others. Be careful though, offering and doing the same tasks that you perform at work can cause a burnout on your part!

All in all, there are lots of ways that you can give back to your community. Encouraging these shows people that you aren’t afraid of a little bit of extra work, and can these acts of mercy can go quite a long way in some peoples lives.

“Find Your Strength by Helping Others” – Check out a great Tedx on serving others.

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